Move to France in 1999

All good

France hosted and won the football world cup in the summer 1998 and almost the whole country (The Caribbean included) became united like one man.

One year later everybody was talking about this as is if had happened the week end before. I was a big football fan and I too had a tape record of the final and I would watch it from time to time. I was feeling so good each time I was seeing Zidane scoring his 2 goals. Pure joy!!!

I witnessed how victory in sport can put people together (at least for a short period). It seemed as if nobody was concerned about the color of skin or origins anymore.No classes, no discrimination, no differences, just pure happiness.

Anyway, even if I was not born again at this time, the Lord had abundantly blessed my journey at school and I completed without any issue the French equivalent of a GCSE, then an A-LEVEL then a BTEC in computing.

I did not have wings but I was just flying!!!

I knew inside me that I was blessed but I did not know yet the author of my blessings and I was publicly denying him.

I remember that my friend Norbert (you will hear about him later) was a believer at that time but when I was asking him to explain to me “where God was from” he could not give me a clear answer and I was laughing at him. I was thinking that his faith did not have any weight and that it was just nonsense.

He could not prove God and he had never seen Jesus but he was believing!!! I remember also a girl called Katy at school. She was a strong believer but she was a failure at school and at the opposite I was doing very good. I was telling her “Why does God let you fail if he exists” and she was answering that it was not God’s fault but hers.

I was not convinced at all! I was thinking that if there is a God, he is really useless!!

I left the Caribbean with this mindset but later I realized that the Lord is so patient and loving that he could listen to our nonsense for a long time and still wait for us to come back to him. He does not deal with us the same way that we deal with him.

What a gentleman!

Today I join voice with Jonah saying:

I knew that you are a gracious and compassionate God, slow to anger and abounding in love, a God who relents from sending calamity.
Jonah 4 v 2

Remember this:

The Lord is not like us. He would wait where we would rush, he would be gracious where we would judge, he would be merciful where we would punish, he would release those that we would condemn. That’s why every man/woman needs to be born again.
To become like him!

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