Water Baptism in 2003

Inside and outside water

It took us almost one year to be water baptised after our conversion, my wife and I. We were saved in a Baptist church, North of Paris and we attended a few meetings with the pastor so we can fully understand the implications of the water baptism.

I really enjoyed this preparation time! I could ask questions and I was really excited to be baptised. I wanted to be a disciple and to follow Jesus everywhere he would take me, whatever it would cost me. I still have the same fire today!

I remember that we had to give our testimonies before the day of the baptism and even if it was easy for me to write, it still could not speak front of people without sweating like marathoner.

On the D-day, I was wet before the water baptism while I was giving my testimony but all the rest went well. No dove came on my shoulder and nobody heard anything spoken from heaven but I was  so glad I obeyed the Lord!

“….the power is in the obedience….”

The water baptism can look like a ritual without any power but I believe that the power is in the obedience. Submitting to the Lord to the point of doing something like the water baptism which must be so ridiculous for the non believers; that requires faith. And faith pleases God.

Even the Lord Jesus obeyed to God and was water baptised.

One or two weeks after our baptism, we had a new pastor who preached on living water, then we sang a song about water coming from the inside. During that song I felt something coming up from my heart, and rising until it reached my eyes and that was me crying not knowing why. I just could not stop crying.

My baptism was like a stamp on the envelope containing the letter that I had written to the Lord on my conversion. The fountain of joy and peace was then wide open in me.

The Lord set the example

Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John
Matthew 3 v 13


Keep this in mind

Water baptism does not wash us from our sins (Christ does) but this act of obedience shows our faith and comittment to God. It’s so simple but so difficult for those filled with pride to do. The Lord himself did not have to but he did it by obedience. Follow his example and you will be blessed!

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