Holy meetings

We started well

Once I was born again, I had a strong desire to be with believers, to talk about scriptures and pray in a corporate way. What I was doing in church was not enough for me. And my best friend Norbert had given his life to the Lord around the same period and his sister too.

As he was living with his sister and her husband, we started to meet every fortnight to pray and to spend time in the word. I enjoyed so much these meetings. Everyone could share his or her experiences in the past fifteen days and we would build each other.

They were going to a pentecostal church and we were going to a Baptist congregation but that was never an issue between us. We were so mature in the Lord. Leaving the things of the flesh to focus on the spiritual nourishment.

“…The Lord was our pastor…”

Even my mother in law started to join us as she enjoyed the presence of the Lord during those meetings. We would worship, pray, correct each other in love and the Lord was our pastor.

We held those meetings for one year or so between 2002 and 2003.

Then slowly we began to be less in the spirit and more in the flesh, less patient with each other and more critical against each other. Jesus was less present and the human doctrines were in the center.

Were we too naive to believe that those meetings would carry on ? I was the one who decided to bring those meetings to the end as I could not handle words towards me saying that I was fake.

I spent seven years with no contact with them and I was quite happy that way. But one day in 2010 the Lord prompted me to go back to them and to apologize.

The Lord demonstrated to me that I had to forgive them even if I was thinking that they were wrong. I struggled a bit but I eventually forgave them in my heart.

After one week or two I found Norbert’s number in the White pages. We met up and I apologized. I asked him to take me to his sister and I did apologized too and we are still in contact today.

The Lord can make it work for us if we trust him. through this experience I understood what the Lord had said through Matthew.

Today I can say with him:

But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.
Matthew 6 v 15

Keep this in mind:

Christianity is not proving to other that you are right but it’s the opposite. It’s about giving up your rights to reach your brother or sister where she or he is. The Lord himself gave up his rights in heaven to come down and reach us. What a powerful example for us!

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