Rap with Christ

Unfinished work!

When I was in the Caribbean, with my friend and two other members we started a rap band called “Warriors”. Norbert was the one introducing us to this type of music. I then discovered the Wu Tang Clan, Killah Priest, Killarmy¬†and some French rappers also like IAM, NTM, Oxmo Puccino, Arsenik and so on.

I developed a passion for writing rap songs. It was a good way to express what I had inside of me. Even if we were ambitious and I think talented, we never made a serious step to produce something like an album or to organize a local gig. I wrote my first rap song in 1997.

I left the Caribbean two years later with this seed of writing rap songs inside me. When Norbert joined me in Paris in 2000 both of us had improved a lot. Our texts were more mature and deeper. Continue reading “Rap with Christ”

Spirit Baptism in 2012

A special day

This 19th January 2012 around 3pm was definitely a big turn in my journey on Earth as I began to walk in the power of my heavenly Father.

A few months earlier the Lord had arranged for me to make contact with my friend Norbert that I had not seen for 7 years.

He was my friend for many years as we grew up together in the Caribbean then we move to France with 1 year interval, me before him after.
We shared many deep experiences together good and bad. We were born in the Spirit around the same period too.

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