Spirit Baptism in 2012

A special day

This 19th January 2012 around 3pm was definitely a big turn in my journey on Earth as I began to walk in the power of my heavenly Father.

A few months earlier the Lord had arranged for me to make contact with my friend Norbert that I had not seen for 7 years.

He was my friend for many years as we grew up together in the Caribbean then we move to France with 1 year interval, me before him after.
We shared many deep experiences together good and bad. We were born in the Spirit around the same period too.

He was going to a pentecostal church, I was going to a Baptist one then we would meet every fortnight to share the word with our relatives and that was great.
Great until we started to disagree on spiritual positions. We stopped those meetings and I withdrew myself from this relationship for 7 years. See post Holy Meetings

After those 7 years the Lord spoke to my heart and convicted me to make contact with my brother again and to ask for forgiveness for the way I had withdrawn myself. I struggled a little bit then I did it.
I was so happy to find my brother and friend again. He is not only a friend but a brother in Christ. We have the same blood, the blood of the Lamb.
I started to hang out with him and I was amazed to see his boldness in Christ. He would go to Paris city with another brother of his church and they would preach the word of God  with power and authority in the streets. I was amazed!

“We have the same blood, the blood of the Lamb”

I had this desire burning in my bones like Jeremiah but I did not have their boldness and I was frustrated. I would go with them trying to catch what they had but I was struggling.

This happened for a few months until Norbert told me that I needed to be baptised in the Spirit and everything would become easier.

I was not sure about that but I trusted my Father in heaven. Norbert gave some scriptures to mediate on, what I did for a few weeks. He also encouraged me to fast which I had never done before and that was great! I was so excited by those scriptures and by the fact that I was going to enter a new dimension in my relationship with my heavenly Father.

One day he called me and asked if I was ready to be baptised and I said: “Yes. I can’t wait!”.

I was fasting that day when I arrived to his house. 2 of his brothers joined him then they explained to me that I was going to be baptised in the Spirit today as the anointing is there.

They starting to pray in tongues and lay hands on me and in the same time I was praying my Father to fill me. After 20 mn they asked me to speak the syllable that the Spirit was uttering me but there was no utterance. At that time I started to get discouraged thinking that the Lord had planned another day to fill me.

Norbert told me: “It’s today! You need to receive it by faith!” I sat down and asked them a scripture about faith. They gave me Hebrews 11. I began to read to read Hebrews 11 silently and the Lord gave me a revelation. He told me in my heart that if I open my mouth by faith he will put the language in my mouth.

“…If I open my mouth by faith…”

I believed the Lord and opened my mouth, some syllables that I did not know started to come out of my mouth. It was like chinese or an asian language. My friends were clapping hands and praising the Lord!! As the Lord did what he had promised to them even if I was doubting at the beginning!

I spoke in tongues all the way back home as I was driving. A supernatural joy came to dwell in my heart. I was entering a new dimension of the relationship with my Heavenly Father.

Today I can say with Paul:

For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit.
1 Corinthians 14 v 2

Remember this:

The baptism in the Spirit is receiving the power to accomplish the good works that the Lord has prepared in advance for you. The Lord told us clearly that there is the baptism of John (water baptism) which is a baptism of repentance of sins but there is also the baptism in the Spirit which enables us to walk in the Spirit every day.

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