Change of direction

Welcome to NI!

When I left my job after twelve years in October 2011, I had in mind to be very much involved in the music ministry for Christ. We were about the release an album when everything collapsed. See the post Rap with Christ.

Then the Lord spoke to me in a Dream in February 2012 so I was trying get ourselves prepared for pastoral ministry. I heard about a Bible school in Switzerland. Some friends in our church were about to apply for it.

It’s a very good school because they would welcome families and not only individuals. I thought it was a good idea but my wife would not think the same. I tried to convince her for weeks but she would not move. I was thinking I can’t force her to go to bible college!! It won’t work either.

“Closed doors lead you to opened ones”

All my plans were failing. My music plan failed then an eventual move to bible college Continue reading “Change of direction”