Trusting for finances

Giving to the Lord

In June 2013, I made a step of faith in the area of finances. This changed my way of thinking and my approach when it comes to finances.

I remember hearing my pastor preaching on tithing and that was quite new for me. I was born in the spirit in a Baptist church and they were preaching to give according to what the Lord put on your heart.

My pastor in the pentecostal church was telling me that we rob the Lord when we don’t give 10% of what we earn and I was challenged by this. I went to my bible but I could not find a scripture supporting that statement in the new testament.

It’s about trust

However I noticed that I was afraid to give 10% of my salary and I knew that this fear was not coming from the Lord. So I was determined to give it a try. When I made my budget, I noticed that we would be struggling to finish the month but I was thinking at the same time that we could trust the Lord. I was in 2 minds which was not comfortable but I eventually did it.

I gave around £150 to the Lord through faith. That was the first time I was giving that much to the Lord.

Supernatural peace

But as soon as I released the envelope in the basket, I experienced a peace in my heart.
The kind of peace which makes you not worry about tomorrow. I had never experienced this peace before.

Now I think about it again, I realize that it does not make sense at all. You choose to have less money to pay all your expenses by giving to the Lord but you end up in complete peace of heart even if your mind does not know how you will pay all the bills.

I believe that this peace comes from the Lord. As we chose to rely on him, to trust him, he supplies us with what we need to cope with the situation. To be honest, I prefer giving this money and trust the Lord than keeping the money and trust my own wisdom.

I am better in my heart when my trust is in the Lord.

Unexpected income

I gave my second tithe end of July 2013 and it just became part of my life. It’s good to give to the Lord. It’s not like giving to men.

At the beginning of August, two months after I started to tithe, we receive a letter from the tax. They were saying that they owed us money for tax credits. We received a cheque of £2300. Straight away I made the link between the tithing and this income as that was so unexpected.

I understood that The Lord is not waiting for us to give for him to bless us but as we decided to give by faith we started to see everything differently. If we had received this money before started to tithe, I would have said: “That’s cool from the tax” but instead I was praising the Lord because I saw his goodness.

Change of mindset

In november 2013, I went to conference in London for one week and I was so moved by what I heard. My trust in the Lord grew so much that I knew that I could still trust him even if I was giving everything I had on my bank account.

In the conference they would send couples on the field to preach the gospel and they needed money to support them. I called my wife who had not come to the conference. I said: “let’s trust the Lord and give all that we have”. He will take care of us.
I had to pay my rent 3 days later.

My wife was not sure about that but she finally agreed and I did give everything we had even the money of the rent. The following day after the giving, I can’t explain that peace I had. No money but full of peace. No money but no worries at all!

I knew the Lord was with us and would never let us down. I called my landlord telling him that I would pay him when I receive my salary which was coming 2 weeks later.

He was quite happy with that. He told me it’s only money!! Don’t worry! I was in peace for everything. That very day, a sister in Christ called me an told me that she owed me £130, I had even forgotten that.

She gave it to my wife and we could pay the electricity and food until my salary arrives.

We never had to worry about anything and this is how my mindset was changed about money.

Today I can say with the Lord

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
Luke 6v38 


Keep this mind

You will never experience what it feels to be completely dependant on the Lord unless you are at a place where you have to depend completely on Him. You can choose to be at this place by giving and trusting or let life push you at this place. I prefer the first option.
And I believe that the most important when you give is knowing that you give to the Lord and not to men.


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