She was called

In May 2013 I started a new job in a Law firm as an IT Analyst. I had spent 11 months in a call center and the Lord had opened the door for a better job with a better salary and more than that!

This new job was really challenging as I had to do everything in English. In my previous job I was speaking in French 70% of the time. In that new job, I had lawyers and PAs over the phone and all day!! I jumped from 20 to 40 incoming phone calls a day.

One day I heard one of my co-workers speaking French and that was so nice to hear my language at work. I introduced myself to her. She was French and had joined the company 2 weeks after me. We will call her Fermina.

Under pressure

We got to know each other a bit more as we would have lunch together at a number of occasions. She had a Christian background as she had given her life to Christ earlier when she was younger.

She was telling me how she was zealous for God after giving her life to the Lord in France many years ago. I really enjoyed those conversations we had. The Lord was helping me through her during the breaks as I had very busy days.

I was constantly under pressure and I was thinking about giving up. One day that I could not understand what a customer was saying, my manager received a complaint about me. I was so discouraged!

But Fermina was sharing that she was not well settled either and I was encouraged knowing that I could do it because she could do it! Praise the Lord!

Divine conversations

I remember those conversions we had during lunch time, talking about Christianity, Life, death and so on. I was always coming back to my desk refreshed. Even if she was not going to church Fermina had solid foundations in Christianity and I could hear the Lord talking to me though her.

For a while, I was thinking about inviting her to church but I could hear another sweet voice telling me in my heart to let her come. The Lord never put pressure on people.

Let her come

One day in January 2014, I was at work and I was going to invite Fermina so we can have lunch together when I heard another voice in my heart telling me to let her come. I went to lunch on my own and around 20 mn before the end of my break, guess who showed up?

Fermina joined me and she was a bit upset. She was saying that she does not know what’s going on in her life but she’s struggling with everything…with work, kid, couple and so on.

At this moment, I remembered that we were going to have a revival in my church with a guest speaker so I invited her.

Breaking point

She came to church for the revival as she told me but nothing really happened. She went back home with the same burden. I told her over the week to come back again and she came again the following Sunday.

I can’t remember what my pastor preached that day but I do remember that the Lord was talking to Fermina and she was in tears. She realized that day that she was away from the Lord.

She realized that she was saved but had let the world putting itself between her and the Lord and her communication with the Lord was not working. She had reached a breaking point in her life and was ready to start again with the Lord.

He did it all

The Lord did it all! He orchestrated everything from me moving to this company and Fermina moving nearly at the same time. He ministered to me through her to keep me going as I was so much under pressure.

Then He used me to take her to church and He ministered to her through my pastor. She was now in peace. Fermina left the firm a few months later in the year and she got married with her partner. We are still good friends, encouraging each other in the Lord.

Our encounter was a turning point in her life. The Lord had planned all this. The Lord did it all.

The Lord said

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day
John 6 v 44

Keep this in mind:

It’s impossible for someone to come to the Lord if the Father has not drawn them. Sometimes we put ourselves under pressure to share the gospel or to do such or such things and we forget that no one can come the Lord without his divine work. We need to be sensitive to the Lord.

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