Second attempt

All about persistence

In April 2017, I began to feel the desire to put myself available for the Lord again. I knew I had done it before and it had not worked out as I was expecting. But I also knew that I had learned humility and I was willing to learn more with the Lord.

I was working full-time as an IT Analyst. My work contract was going to terminate end of May but I had the opportunity to apply for a permanent role. Even if I was afraid of being ashamed as I felt in 2015 (shame then glory), I knew that the Lord had taken care of me and would always do so.


I spoke to my team leader and notified to her that I was not going to apply for the permanent role but instead I was going to leave. I believed it was the right time to go. I had prayed about it, I was not afraid of stepping out because I had done it before.

The Lord had taken care of us and I was sure he would do it again. But my team leader’s manager wanted to have chat with me. During our conversation, he expressed the desire to keep me at least for one more month.

He did not want me to leave so quickly and wanted to give me the time to think about it again. He also needed more people during this period so it was not good for the business to lose people. I told him that I would come back to him the following day.

I prayed about it and the Lord told me (through a sister) that I could stay one more month by courtesy. My manager was the one who hired me back after I left in 2015. So I accepted and my contract was extended for one additional month.

Good to go

During that extension period I felt as if the Lord was telling me: “you don’t have to go. You could stay and have a career in IT in this top Law firm.” I was not too sure who was talking to me but I knew my calling was in the field, ministering to people. Not making money for “Pharaoh”.

End of June was time to say good-bye to my colleagues. I really loved that place and the people I was working with. I experienced more joy in my second experience in that company than in my first one.

Below was the cake I dedicated to my colleagues. I will never forget them!


I was thinking; “what if the Lord told you to come back again??” I knew I would go back because I knew already what it is to be ashamed.

You feel a bit uncomfortable for a while but eventually you get over it.

Letter from  the tax

My contract terminated on the Friday 30th June 2017. I received my last salary one week before. All the budget was ok for the month of July but I did not know how I would deal with August. I was however in perfect peace, knowing that my Father is with me.

I felt a bit sick on Monday and Tuesday so I stayed at home. I got up on Wednesday and after praying, and I went to the JobCenter to let them know that my contract had terminated.

Then I went to the Housing center to inform them that my contract had terminated but they were not yet opened. I had 30 minutes or so to wait. This is when I remembered that there was a bible college (Charis Bible College) not far from where I was.

So I walked maybe 15 minutes and I reached their place. They were opened and I was able to talk to the Dean of students and the director. I was impressed by what they said. A voice in my heart was telling me: “Yes, this is what you need.

The price for the first year was £2106 if you pay in one go or £2340 if you pay monthly. Obviously I did not have the money but I knew that the Lord would provide it if it was his will. I was at peace.

When I went back home the same day, I was filling the Housing form when I heard the postman throwing a letter through the letter box. I grabbed it and opened it. That was a letter from the tax. They were saying that I had paid too much tax this year. They were refunding me £2200. What a surprise it was! I just had to go and claim it online and I would have the amount on my account within 5 working days.

At the beginning I was not sure if The Lord wanted me to use this money for the school so I waited in prayer before claiming it. Eventually after 2 weeks I knew that this money was for our expenses, rent and everything for the month of August.

Smooth summer

We spent the month of July enjoying ourselves. My mum came from the Caribbean to see us and we enjoyed the family time. Everything was smooth. Walking by faith is so great!

In August, I had the impression that we would not move back to France this summer so we started to get ready with school uniforms and all the rest for our children in September.

I was thinking about the Bible College but in my heart I was willing to do whatever the Lord wanted me to do. All things are possible and I was believing that God would open the right door at the right time for us.

I remember receiving a text from my team leader on 14th August 2017. She was telling me that they were looking for IT analysts for 7 months contract. Interviews were starting the following week. I texted back to her that I was going to do Bible College and I was looking for an evening shift role instead.

We were 2 weeks away from the start of the academic year in the Bible College. I had no money for the fees but I knew that the Lord could make it.

Michael and Vanessa

We were invited by some friends of us that we had met during the Pentecostal experience. We had ministered to them in Cork in 2015. They became close friends and we stayed in touch.

They would come once a month to Belfast and we would host them. They are such a lovely couple, full of the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord had blessed them with a son in 2016. We will call them Michael and Vanessa.

We spent the weekend with the them near Dublin and we had a really nice time. I remember that I was ministering to their adopted son from Slovakia. He was around 20 years old and would come to visit them once a year.

I was talking to him about the cross and what Jesus did for us and Vanessa was translating in Slovak. That was awesome! The following day we went to their church all together and guess what? The preacher preached word for word what I was preaching the previous day to this young man.

I was so surprised! He was surprised too. Vanessa could not believe it either. I really enjoy being in their company. They are true children of God seeking for his presence all the time.

The Lord spoke

Michael was asking me what the plan was for September and I told him that I was thinking about Charis Bible College but the Lord needs to open the door. But I was happy to do whatever the Lord would like me to do.

Michael knew Andrew Wommack who is the founder of Charis Bible College. He knew that God had raised Andrew’s son from the dead and he thought that it was a good idea to go to this college.

The following day, after the service, we had lunch with them and we were getting ready to go back to Belfast. Michael told me: “I know what you will do in September. You will go to Charis Bible College. The Lord spoke to me and told me to pay the fees for you.”

I nearly fell down! I just could not believe it but at the same I knew that all things were possible to God.

I started Bible College on the 4th September 2017 and I decided to start this blog so I can record the wonderful things that the Lord is going to do in our lives.

I agree with the Lord:

All things are possible to whom believes
Mark 9 v 23

Keep this in mind

The Lord is always willing to show us great things but we need to be flexible. We need above all to trust him. Our Father is a good Father and will never let us down. If begin to trust him in everything, we will see great things.

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