Mighty woman

In the Spirit

I  met Sister Donia during my Pentecostal experience and I am so glad The Lord brought her in my life. She is an old widow from Africa, living with her son and her niece. She spends all her time in the scriptures, in prayer and in fasting, trusting the Lord for every single thing in her life. And it works!

She is always in the Spirit. Always seeking for the Lord, always seeking for a revelation and her entire life is full miracles and amazing testimonies. The Lord taught me a lot through her.

Fruit of the Spirit

Sister Donia was married to an adulterous non believer man and this situation led her to the Lord. She learned the hard way, to forgive, to bless instead of cursing, to be patient, to be in peace when everything around her would tell her five senses to run away from her husband.

She learned to be faithful to her husband even if he was not faithful to her. She kept her eyes focus on the Lord even when her husband’s concubines would insult her and would openly proclaim to her that her husband did not love her anymore.

Only the Holy Spirit can make you stand in such circumstances. She learned to trust The Lord with all her heart and to lean not on her own understanding. When she speaks to you, you can smell the aroma of the fruit of the Spirit in her. Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Faith, Meekness, Gentleness, Goodness, Self-Control, they are all there!

Gifts of the Spirit

One day, her son was driving her back to home and she saw a young man walking on the pavement. She told her son “That young man loves Jesus. Jesus is in his heart”. She did not know this young man, she had never spoken to him before but the Spirit had revealed this to her.

Her son could not figure out how she could say that. He did not understand that she was talking according to what she was receiving from the Holy Spirit in her.

A few weeks after that she met this young man in the Pentecostal church she was going to and her son could not believe it! She did not say anything to this young man but they all observed how this young man was growing in knowledge and stature in the church, weeks after weeks.

Nobody could know

One day in church, after the service, she told me that I should come to pray with her. I then went the following week. She was living only 3 houses away from my house. We started to pray at 5am. We would pray in the Spirit but also with our intelligence. That was so powerful!

We went through some scriptures according to how the Spirit was leading us and she would prophecy on my life. I had not told her that I had a calling from the Lord to minister in France but she knew that the Lord was calling to do HIS works.

Then she told things which were happening in my couple that nobody could know. She knew the way I was behaving with my wife once the door was closed. I was someone in church but another person at home.

I was in bondage and I did not even know it! The Lord ministered with love to me through her and this revelation changed something in my heart.

I was thinking only about my calling and my ministry but my wife and the kids were left behind. This needed to be fixed! Still today I need to keep a balance but I was completely unaware of this and Sister Donia helped me to have a breakthrough in this area of my life. Praise the Lord!

Holy Meetings

We still meet until this day. We meet at least once a week and my wife goes too. We are 6 of us in total. I mean 7 of us with the Lord. I love to see how we are united in the Spirit.

Only Jesus is Lord among us. We have learnt to let the Spirit speak to us and minister to us through one another in love. We all have the fear (reverence) of the Lord in us.

We meet with gladness and sincere hearts seeking for the Lord. We support each other materially and spiritually with what the Lord gives us.

We have been meeting for over 2 years now and when I look behind, I can see that our encounter was not an accident but was fully orchestrated by the Lord.

I can identify with this

They worshiped together at the Temple each day, met in homes for the Lord’s Supper, and shared their meals with great joy and generosity…
Acts 2 v 46


Keep this in mind

The Love of the Lord brings unity and a strong desire to dwell together in the Spirit of the Lord. You can’t help it! It flows naturally as the love of the Lord dwells in us.

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