You are loved!

No doubt, you are loved!

You have not been created by accident. You are not on earth by chance or by mistake but you are the result of a plan created by the Father.

You have always belonged to him. You have always been in his heart.
This is where your place is. In his heart.

His love for you is so deep, so strong, so pure, so amazing.

You are constantly in his thinking. He delights when he sees you because he sees Jesus with you in deep fellowship. He sees Jesus’ hand in your hand and both of you are smiling, walking and watching in the same direction.

You are loved

You are loved by the Father and he has his eyes focused on you. He does not miss one single second of your life. He is pleased to see you exercising the faith he gave you.

He delights when he sees you reaching out to him in sincere prayer when you whisper to him.

He enjoys being in your company when you take a break to aknowledge his presence.

His heart is full of goodness towards you.
He is not criticising you. It’s not him. He is not pointing what you call “my failures”. No it’s not him. He is not disappointed because of you at all. But he rejoices all the time because you are reconciled with him.

You are loved my sister!
Our Father loves you very much.
You are loved my brother.
Our Father is so excited with you.

He watches you walking on this earth that he formed.

He watches you that he formed.

He sees you walking in the plans that he formed for you and rejoices because all is perfect with you.

Don’t watch things through natural eyes because you will be misl;ead. But instead watch everything through faith and you will see that you are contantly loved.

You are constantly in peace. You are constantly in joy. You are constantly patient. You are constantly good.

You are in fellowship with Jesus.

You are in constant fellowship with the Father.

Rejoice my brother!
Rejoice my sister!

Rejoice because you are loved.

There is no place for sorrow in his love.
There is no place for fear in his love.
There is no place for regrets in his love.
There is no place shame in his love.
There is no place heaviness in his love.
There is no place mourning in his love.
There is no place for complaints in his love.
There is no place for pain in his love.
There is no place for rejection in his love.

No place for harm.
No place accusation.
No place for trial.
No place for condemnation.

You are free in his love

Free to enjoy his fellowship.
Free to delight in his finished work.
Free to rest in peace.
Free to speak unto yourself his kind words.
Free to smile. 🙂

You are loved my sister!

Do not put yourself under pressure. All is good!
Don’t worry about what is not done but enjoy what has been done.
Take a break and watch what the Lord has already achieved with you.
You did not do it on your own. He was with you all the time and his strength was sustaining you.

He his the reason of your success and he will never let you down.
He was with you before you knew him and was taking care of you before you asked him.

You are loved my brother!

Not because of your performance but because you are reconciled with the One who lives in you.
You did not deserve his presence but you chose to receive him as a gift.
Because he his a gift. A very good gift!
A living gift available 24/7.
A living gift generating physical strength and supernatural wisdom.
A living gift providing mental resources and health for your bones.
A living gift.

Take a breath and receive his kind words for your life today.

 You are loved!

No power in the sky or in the eart below–indeed, nothing in all creation will ever be able to separate us from the love of God that is revealed in Christ Jesus our Lord. 
Romans 8v39

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