Children of light

Shining in darkness

Praise the name of our Father in heaven who delivered us from darkness.
We were blind, in bondage, following the train of this world.

We were slaves, under the dominion of the deceiver.
The one who came to  steal, kill and destroy.

We were afraid of him. We were like preys in his chains, serving him not knowing who we were.

He has been dominated this world for such a long time that we ended up living in his ways, in darkness.

We were hiding from our Father because he is hiding from God.
We were lying because he is lying as he hates the Truth.
We were full of shame because he is ashamed.
We were afraid of condemnation because he is condemned.
We were angry against others because he is angry against us.
We were evildoers because he is the prince of evil.
We hated the light because he hates the light.
We were fearing the wrath of God because he fears the wrath of our Father.

He is going to hell! But we are not!
Because we are children of light!

Because we are legitimate children of light, darkness could not keep us longer.

Praise be to God who delivered us from the enemy’s hand.
Praise be to the One who died on the cross so we can live.
Praise be to the lamb who shed his blood on the cross for our salvation.

We were blind but now we can see.

Now we know who we are and things are going to change in the natural.

The light shines in darkness so we shine as we children of the Most High.
We are children of the Father of light and like him we shine now.

Our eyes are now opened. Our darkness has been changed in light and we do not stumble anymore. Now we clearly see the path. Now we know who we are!

We are children of light. Chosen before the creation of the world by the living God.
He chose each one of us and we belong to him.

We shine because of his light in us. We do not belong to darkness but the light which is in us casts out darkness.

Like a lamp brings light in a room, we bring light in this world covered by darkness.

Let us shine, like stars in this generation.

Let us shine by our love
Let us shine by our peace
Let us shine by our authority
Let us shine by our gentleness
Let us shine by the spirit of God in us
Let us shine by our faith
Let us shine by our self-control
Let us shine by our meekness
Let us shine by our joy
Let us shine by our goodness
Let us shine by our patience

Our Father is light and we are also light because he lives in us.

He dwells in us. He made his residence inside of us therefore we are carrying his light in our mortal bodies. We are light ourselves in our spirit because we are children created in the likeness of our Father.

For a long time our light was changed in darkness but at the appointed time, the Lamb died so the fire of his spirit can come back in us.

As we dwell in our Father, our Father dwells in us and we will never be separated from him.

Now everything has changed. Now we have no reason to be afraid as we have changed camp and changed banner for good.

Now we can clearly the see the schemes of the darkness.

 Now we clearly understand his craftiness.

Now we can see his fingerprints behind the actions we used to do.

We are now partakers of the light. We  can clearly see the path of righteousness before us. We can easily see the lies and reject them because we see and recognize them.

We are children of light! Everywhere we go on earth we bring light and darkness hides before us.

Let us not be afraid anymore.
Let us not be ashamed anymore.
Let us not be slaves anymore.
Let us not be blind anymore.
Let us not be ignorant anymore.
Let us not be mislead anymore.
Let us not be dominated by darkness anymore.

For we are children of light.

The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy, your whole body will be full of light.
Mattew 6v22











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