The new Eden

I’m home

This is where I belong and where I dwell now.

My ancestors had been put out of the garden because of disobedience and they had been cut off from the source of life.

The consequences of a life without the Father were so destructive. 

Pain, depression, sicknesses, sorrow, hatred, envy, jealousy, love of money, corruption, murder, idolatry, hypocrisy, double mindedness and the list is so long…

We all received this heavy inheritance when we were born on this earth. It’s our fallen nature which makes us sin.

Man’s nature was changed, following the disobedience and they could not remain in Eden.

“a place of intimacy”

Eden was a place of intimacy at such an extent that man and woman were naked but in perfect relationship with the Father. No shame at all!

Eden was a place of trust as the Father was trusting his children and vice versa.

Being cut off from Eden was a disaster. Men could not anymore relate to God without fear, shame and doubt as those things had become part of our identity.

For many many years men and women were astray and we were suffering because of a lack of relationship with our Father.

But at the appointed time, the Father himself stepped in the picture and he was in Jesus reconciling all humanity with himself.

Now heaven is opened! Yoohoo!!

And all those who have received this treasure, the Spirit of the living God, are immersed in the new Eden.

It’s not anymore a physical garden, the new Eden which is WITHIN us.
Within each of those who have reconciled themselves to the Father.

The new Eden is not in Orient anymore but it’s very close to you. In your spirit!

It’s a place of intimacy between you and the Father. It’s a place of joy, of abundance, of peace, a place of love, of child like faith, of trust, of obedience.

When I said yes to the Lord, my Father delivered me from darkness and brought me in deep fellowship with him. Colossians 1v13

He brought me in the new Eden.

I have already eaten the fruit of life and nothing will separate me from the love of my Father.

My nature has changed as I have been born again. 1 Peter 1v23

I have a brand new nature which perfectly fits with the new Eden.

Nothing will take me out of the new Eden. This is where I belong.

In the new Eden I still hear the voice of the deceiver who keeps trying to take me back but I laugh 🙂 and I just ignore him. I learned from my ancestors Adam and Eve.

My Father loves me so much! He has given me everything I need in the new Eden and everything there is good, pure and beautiful.

In the new Eden, I hear only kind and loving words from my Father. I am not afraid of him. I have no doubt when he speaks to me. I am not ashamed of being his son. I obey him with love and trust.

I enjoy my Father’s company

 One day in the new Eden is like one thousand days on earth. I don’t rush but appreciate all things. When I thirst, I drink water from the Rock. When I am hungry I eat the fruit of the spirit.

The fruit nourishes me with love, peace, joy, patience, faith, meekness, gentleness, forgiveness, self-control and all the good things that my Father had intended for me in the beginning.

 If you have said yes to Jesus, I’m sure you know what it means to be in fellowship with the Father.

 If you have not yet done so, don’t waste your time in world, in bondage but come to Jesus and receive your free access to the new Eden.




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