Open his eyes!

Seeing spiritually

And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 2 Kings 6:17

You certainly came across this story in the old testament. The prophet and his servant were surrounded by an army with chariots. Elisha’s servant had his natural eyes opened but his spiritual eyes were closed.

It’s not that he did not have spiritual eyes. He did have them. They were part of him. They were working properly but they were closed.

They were closed and he could not see the spiritual realities that his master was seeing.

                                                            Spiritual realms

His natural eyes were showing him what was limited, what was temporal, what was weak, what was far less important than what was available in the spiritual realms.

We all know that Jesus-Christ is alive and live in the spiritual realms in heaven.

All those who are born again are in seated in the heavenly places. Ephesians 2:6

This is our new home, our new dwelling place, not in the future, not after the death of our mortal bodies but now!

What a privilege to be in Christ!
                                                                   6th sense

We are not limited by our 5 senses anymore. But we have a 6th sense now!

The spiritual one and that one gives us access to a greater world full of blessing.

My tongue can taste natural things
My ears can hear natural things
My nose can smell natural things
My body can touch natural things
My eyes can see natural things
My spirit can perceive spiritual things

That’s normal for a born again person to perceive and receive spiritual things from God.

That’s why we are born again and this is why we are way different from those who are not born again.

Living in the spirit

But are we living in the spirit ? Are we seeing things like Elisha did ?
Are we enjoying this freedom to speak with the Holy Spirit in us?
Are we taking the time to hear from him ?

If not, we are living way below this potential which dwells in us since we have been  born again.

If not, we are bound to the natural realms like Elisha’s servant and we are dominated by fear, doubts, lies, depression, wickedness, sadness, sense of failure, discouragement, curses, sicknesses and so on.

However those who are born again and chose to use their spiritual sense know that we are more than conquerors, victorious in everything, healed and not sick, blessed and not cursed, full of hope, love, joy, peace, patience, faith, gentleness, self-control, meekness, goodness and all the good things so we have inherited in Christ.

                                                            It’s a decision

If we choose to set our minds on the things above and dwell there, we will live a complete different life.

This does not happen itself, it must be a decision to believe that we are who the Lord said we are.

We are saints, chosen in Christ by God himself, we are holy and blameless before him. Ephesians 1:4

We should not listen to the voice which constantly points our mistakes and failures. It’s not the voice of God!

But it’s the voice of the deceiver who constantly accuses us of not doing well! We need to reject his voice when he comes and believe what the Lord Jesus says about us.

We need to take our eyes off the natural and keep them focus on the spiritual. It’s in the spiritual that we have the victory.

As we keep our eyes, minds and thoughts on Christ, his blessings will flow themselves in the natural.

The faith he gave us is a like a conductor for spiritual blessing to flow in the natural.

                                                            Standing firm

Our part is not to fight the natural by the natural but to stand firm in the spiritual whatever the natural may shout at our ears.                 

The Lord has already opened your eyes if you are born again. You just need to choose to believe in his word rather than believe in what you see in the natural. It’s a decision which belongs to us.

If you are not born again, you need to believe that Jesus-Christ is alive and give him your life. He will save you from yourself and will bring you in his kingdom with us.

Take care!

2 thoughts on “Open his eyes!

  1. Praise the Lord Brother, excellent stuff it feed my spirit.
    Lord Keep giving Guillame more revelation of You and the ways of the Spirit


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