Speak unto yourself

Speak to your soul

Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise his holy name.
Praise the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits—Psalm 103:1-2

David in this psalm was speaking to himself as he was going through a difficult time.

I’m sure he was not feeling to praise the Lord but he knew in himself that the Lord was there and was with him.

The Lord is always there for everyone of us.
He has already forgiven everyone of us.
He loves everyone of us.
His spirit has been poured out for everyone of us.
There is joy in abundance in him through his spirit for everyone of us.

Peace for everyone of us.
Healing for everyone of us.
Patience for everyone of us.
Love for everyone of us.
Faith for everyone of us.
Salvation in him for everyone of us.

Praise his name!

if we dare to speak them

All these things are available right now next to us if we believe it and dare to speak them unto ourselves.

I know, in the natural it’s a bit weird to speak unto yourself but we are not supposed to be ruled by the natural. We are supposed to live and to walk by the spirit of God that we receive by faith.

David did not have the spirit of God dwelling in him like us who are born again but yet he knew how to speak unto himself.

We know that people around us are encouraged when we speak kind words to them but we forget quite often to speak to ourselves when we go through difficult times.

Even if David was feeling bad, he knew that God was good therefore he was commanding his soul to praise God.

 Spirit, soul, body

We know that we are spirit, with a soul living in a body. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

If you are born again, your spirit is in Christ and from there you have all his strength, power, love, peace, joy available and you can speak them to your soul!

You can speak those words unto yourself the same way you would encourage your friend or family member.

Speak words of life unto you, believe them and you will see them become manifest in the natural. You will start to see joy flowing in you as you break through by speaking kindness over yourself.

You might feel a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but when you will see its benefits and understand its dynamic, it will quickly become a habit.

The word of God will have no effect on you if you don’t speak it unto you.

Appropriate to ourselves

This the way we appropriate to ourselves the inheritance that the Lord has freely given us.

When I was going through depression in 2011, see post Number 11, I would meet a nurse every 15 days and she would speak unto my life.

I was always feeling well after the sessions but within the following 2 hours I was going back to my negative thinking.

What made me get out of this depression was to understand that the Spirit of God was in me all the time and that my heavenly Father did not want me to be depressed but instead he wanted me to take by faith what he had already given to me.

 I started to confess that I was well even if I would not feel it by my natural senses. But the Lord was helping me to believe it and gradually I got over it.

Speaking unto yourself, reminding yourself the goodness of God, the victories he gave you in the past will build you up.

We easily speak negative words to ourselves without even noticing it. Words like: “I can’t achieve this” or “I won’t be able to do that”  and so on. Those words shape our lives and dictate what our future will be.

 Instead we should speak on purpose unto ourselves who the Lord said we are.

We are sons of daughters of the Most High. (if you are born again)
We are loved.
We are blessed.
No weapon forged against us shall prosper.
We will prosper in all that we do.
We have peace in Christ.
We are patient.
We are joyful.

Praise be to God who delivered us from darkness and brought us to the kingdom of his beloved Son.


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