They were naked

In the garden

I love the atmosphere of intimacy and trust which was reigning in Eden.

That was the sixth day and everything was ready to welcome the most important part of Our Father’s mighty work. The human beings.

God had decided to create us at his image and likeness so he can see himself when watches us.

All naked

And like any human baby coming to existence on earth they were naked.

Yes! Whoever you are, whatever gender, family, nation, social class, the poor, the wealthy, whatever your origin, whatever the battle you face now it does not change the fact that you came naked to existence.

Whether you like it or not you had to fully trust your parents when you were a baby. You did not have any other choice anyway.

Our ancestors Adam and Eve were naked and they were not ashamed.

Not ashamed

They were adults but yet naked and they were not ashamed!


They were innocent. They did not have any notion of evil. The only authority they knew was God, their Creator. They trusted God for everything and were waiting in God for everything.

Jesus told us not worry about what we are going to eat or about the clothe we are going to wear because he came to re-established between mankind and God the level of intimacy which was lost in Eden.

Disobedience literally changed Adam and Eve’s nature. We they ate from the fruit of knowledge of good and evil, they were corrupted by the knowledge of evil but they still knew what was good.

Because they were dominated by the knowledge of evil they started to feel shame and fear that they would not feel before the act of disobedience.

Opened to evil

Their eyes were opened on evil and the first they did was to hide. Do you see how evil began to affect and dominate their emotions ?

Evil made them lose their innocence.

Jesus came to destroy evil in his flesh so we could become brand new creatures with a brand new nature.

We are a new creation. There is no evil in this new nature. We are free to open ourselves and to be spiritually naked before our Creator without any shame!

We don’t hide from God anymore because we are born again.

Jesus took upon himself the sin of the entire mankind which was so heavy to bear.

New nature in Christ

Nakedness means intimacy. We all can be intimate with God now. He is our Father because he created us by his word that we heard and believed when we heard the gospel.

Jesus was so intimate with the Father! That he could speak to us on behalf of the Father. He could manifest the Father.

This is my desire to be so intimate with the Father so that people will see him when they see me.

Are you naked before your Heavenly Father? Or are you still hiding things ?

You don’t have carry those heavy dirty, clothes anymore.

Shirts of failure.
Dresses of shame.
Coats of deception.
Hats of jealousy.
Necklace of depression.
Shoes of envy.
Socks of adultery.
Tights of  illusion.
Watches of busyness.
Glasses of a painful past.

You don’t have to carry them anymore as Jesus paid the price so we can leave them at the cross and start a brand new life with a new nature.

Just call on Jesus!

Take care.

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High


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