My soul rejoices

Inside of me

And my soul shall rejoice in the LORD; It shall exult in His salvation. Psalm 35:9

Like the psalmist, my soul rejoices because the Spirit of God lives inside of me.

My soul is full of joy and peace and love and patience and faith and gentleness and meekness and self-control and goodness.

The fruit of the spirit is inside of me. Here in my spirit where God dwells. Where the Father has established his presence.

Yes, the Father himself lives inside of me, in my spirit, and my soul rejoices.

My soul rejoices because my soul sees the fullness of God being poured out into my soul.
My soul rejoices because my emotions are dominated by the love of the Heavenly Father.
My soul rejoices because the peace of God is an everlasting peace and continually flows into my soul.

If I smile it’s only because my soul if full of God.

This flow which comes from heaven and dwells in my spirit has to flow somewhere and flows in my soul who is delighted.

Then this abundance once filled my soul flows in my body then I smile, I speak kind words on myself and on those around me.

They receive the flow of love and they are blessed.

This abundance flows from my soul to brain and I start to write on my blog so it can reach the world.

Praise the Lord for his Spirit is in us.

For us who have heard the gospel of our salvation and have believed.
For us who are God’s possession.
For us who dwell in God and Him in us.
For us who have been brought from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.
For us who are marked in Christ with a seal. The promise Holy Spirit who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance.
For us who are saints, the light of God on earth.
For us who have abandoned our old ways of thinking but have been renewed in our minds in the word of God.


Words are not enough to express His divine presence.

My soul cannot do anything else than rejoices for the Lord is here. The Kingdom in here in its fulness.

Rejoice !!! My sister whose eyes are seeing these words right now. For you are blessed!
Rejoice !!! My brother who are reading this post right now for you are blessed!

You are so much loved by our Creator!!

My soul rejoices and I am blessed!

Take care!

guiYome 😉
A son of the Most High




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