Know him better

Wisdom and revelation

I keep asking the God of out Lord Jesus-Christ, the glorious Father that he may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation that you may know him better.
Ephesians 1:17

Praise the Lord!

Paul writes here to the Ephesians and tell them that he keeps asking God to give them something that they need so they can know God better.

There is a desire to know God better. Paul himself has received the spirit of wisdom and revelation and he knew the Lord better in deed.

Paul had something that they Ephesians don’t have. He has a better knowledge of God than them.

I thank our heavenly Father for men like Paul who once knew that something was good and he wanted other also to know it. Paul had received the spirit of wisdom and revelation that he was talking about or he would not have been asking God to give it to them.

While I was meditating ont this verse, I had the desire myself to have this spirit of wisdom and revelation so I can know him better too.

Do you want to know him better too?

I believe that recognising that we don’t know him enough is a very good first step to know him better.

It places us in a position where we will open ourselves to receive from him.

Quite often we are content with what we have and we don’t want to experience more of God. Then slowly we start to become weary.

As long as we have breath on our nostrils, there will be room to know him better.
Know him better we will ultimately lead us to a better freedom.

A better joy.
A better understanding.
A better peace.
A better manifestation of his love, patience, his self-control, his goodness through us.

We will be less self-centered and more Christ-centered.

Do you want to know him better?

I do want myself and I noticed that as I desire to know him better, and as I pray for this like Paul was doing, I start receiving some glimpse of his knowledge day by day.

I start to see a different picture of the One who was pictured in my imagination.

It’s as if I had decided to know a friend better. I would take the initiative and call him and have a coffee for him. After this coffee for sure I would have known him better than if I had not had this coffee with him.

Lives can be radically transformed in short periods by consistent small steps.

Do you want to know him better?

Start by telling him truly and watch this!

Take care!

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High




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