Life goes

Every time, Every time, Every time my life seems to go down

I wanna leave this world of brutes
Where most people forget their roots

It’s always a hard time for emerging
When in me sin and pain are merging

It’s just like I have lost the sight
As I can’t see from God any sign
A real nightmare in the daylight
Every time that I cross this line

And my life goes on, life goes on and doesn’t wait for me

Every time, Every time God tells me Jo, Slow down!
I am with you every day of your life
Turn to me only I can change your life

What a pleasure to live with Jesus
A real peace that nobody can measure
We know we know him, we know he knows us
We are his people, he is our treasure

We don’t need anything except Jesus
With my Lord I don’t need any leisure

And then my life goes on, life goes and then it changes for me

Every time, every time God speaks to man
Whatever his condition or religion
Whatever his tongue or nation

You may be French, American or Irish
You may be old, poor, sick or rich
What is in your heart, this is what matters
Christ first in your heart is what matters

Don’t worry about what people think
If you want to survive and not sink

Because your life goes on, life goes on and does not wait for you.





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