Look toward heaven

And Pray

After Jesus said this he looked toward heaven and prayed: “Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son that your Son may glorify you.” John 17:1

Jesus came on earth the show the way to God and He himself is the way. He life in the flesh was the perfect example of how a life should be lived on earth.

After Jesus said this

There is a time to say things, to talk, to interact with human beings. Even if we are sons of God in the spirit, we still live in bodies of flesh. We are still physically bound to the earth because we have not finished our mission down here.

Therefore as Jesus spoke and said godly things, we ought to speak and say godly things.

We should bring glory to our Father with our tongues, ministering to others in love as Jesus did.

Are you glorifying the Father by what you say ?

He looked toward heaven and prayed

There is also a time to pray. Praying is talking to the Father. The One who created us.
The One who sent us here.
The One who is spirit.
The One who revealed himself to us in Jesus.
The One who takes care of 24/7, 365, non-stop.
The One who loves us so much that he gave his own Son for our sake.
The One who saved us for we were slaves.

Are you talking to the Father ?

Jesus looked toward Heaven because he knew that he belonged to Heaven.
So we do!

We are on a journey on the earth but we belong to heaven.

There is power in the words we speak to our pairs but there is also power in those we speak to our Father.

Praying can be easily misunderstood at such an extent that we would pray without meaning the words we speak.

Sometimes, we pray just to tick a box, but there is no connection with heaven.
Sometimes we pray but we don’t believe that God hears us.
Sometimes we say things that are different from what we believe in our heart as if our Father was not aware of it.

I remember, few years ago I was struggling with a bad habit. I knew it was wrong but I could not give it up. I was avoiding this subject when talking to God as if he did not know it.

Eventually, the process of healing began as began to say to my Father:  “Father, I know this is a bad habit but I love it in my heart. Change my heart so I can hate it!

Let’s be honest as we look toward heaven.

Take care today!

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High





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