Words of life

Life indeed!

My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man’s whole body. Proverbs 4:20-22


Have you read this verse above ?

Wowwww!! Praise the Lord for His words for they are life. The words that come out of the mouth of God are life! So amazing!!!!

The purpose of His words is to give life to those who will receive those words.

Are you receiving the words of God in your heart ?

I’m sure you are and you are blessed because you are receiving life. As we receive and keep the words of God in our heart, life will also come out of us so other around us can benefit.

Listening to the words

We receive the words coming from God by listening or reading them. Those words of life coming from Heaven are like seeds. Our hearts are the soil.

When we listen with our ears or read with our eyes, we actually expose our hearts to receive those seeds.

That’s why our enemy will put pressure on us so we don’t have a chance to expose our hearts to those words.

But we are more than conquerors!!! Amen!!! And we will hear the words of our heavenly Father, in Jesus Name!

Keeping the words

Once received in our hearts, we need to keep those seeds of life so can germinate then produce. Many times as we receive words from the Lord, Satan will come to steal it, to exchange it by a lie.

I remember after my conversion, Satan would come quite often to tell me (through thoughts) that I was not saved and that I was not a son of God.

My Heavenly Father told me that I am a son of God if I believe and I do believe in my Father so I am son of God, period!

Eventually, the enemy fled away (as the word said he would do) and I could keep the word and I became completely convicted that I am a son of God, no matter what I can feel.

Health to man’s body

This is so true! As we hold on the seeds of life sown in your hearts they produce health for our bodies because Life cannot produce death.

Life is stronger than sickness.
Life is energy and strength.
Life is healing everything which is broken.
Life is power.
Jesus is Life.

A young boy in my church had his arm broken as he fell down. He has had a plaster for 3 weeks or so. Because of the life in him, the bone is being sealed again the way it was before. Wow!! Power of life.

Releasing life through our words

We can also release the life we have received from the Lord through our words.

Let’s speak life.
Let’s encourage.
Let’s build others up.
Let’s speak blessing on others.
Let’s bless those around us and specially if they DO NOT like us.

Words of life have the power to change those who receive them.

But how can they receive them if nobody speak them ?

As we receive those words and keep them, guess what they will produce ?

Trees of life then fruits of life. Amen!!

Those who will come around those trees of life (and you are one of them, you are a tree of life) will be able to receive some fruits and be blessed.

They will be able to shout: “Praise the Lord for this fruit, for it refreshes my soul.”


Take care today my friend for you are blessed.

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High


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