Faith without action ?

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In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied with action is dead. But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds and I will show you my faith by what I do. James 1:17-18

You cannot separate action from faith ! They go together like spirit and body. What you call faith, if it’s really faith, it will ultimately lead you into action.

As you had faith to believe in the Lord Jesus,
You opened your mouth and prayed.

As you had faith to believe you were saved,
You asked for the water baptism and entered the water indeed.

As you had faith to believe you could walk on earth like Jesus did,
You asked for the spirit baptism and you opened your mouth to speak in tongues.

As you had faith to believe that Jesus wants to heal people because of His love,
You laid hands on the sick and rebuked the sickness, in Jesus name.

You will do what you believe

Ultimately, you will always do what you believe in your heart. Actions will always follow dominant heart beliefs.

If you believe that our Heavenly Father will not help you in this area of your life, you will never put yourself in a position in order to receive His help.

That’s not faith but unbelief! God wants to help you in every area of your life.

If you really believe that by His stripes you have been healed, you will behave as a well person even if the symptoms of the sickness are still present.

Faith does not care if the physical says something different from the spiritual. But instead, faith completely focus and rely on the invisible spoken word of God in the spirit.

Power of faith with action

As you believe in the word of God, what He spoke to you in the spirit and behave in the natural according to what has been spoken to you, you are actually releasing your faith.

Faith has been given to us so we can walk as children of God on earth. The Faith of Christ has been given to us.

A child of God listens to His Father and the Father is spirit.

How do you hear from the Father ?

He speaks to our spirit therefore we have to be in the spirit in order to hear what he is saying to us.

Praying in tongues, meditating the scriptures will help us to get out of the flesh so we start listening to our inner voice. The Father speaks to our spirit, our inner man, the real us.

Then once heard from Him, we need to release in the natural what has been spoken to us. Even if it’s challenging at times, the Lord will never tell us to do something bad.

Most of the time as we hear from the Lord, we will see that His plans for our lives are far better and bigger that what we think with our natural minds.

What if

When you are at work, if manager asks you to do something, do you tell him: “Sorry but I’m afraid of doing what you asked, and what if it’s not you who asked me to do that ?” Looks very weird !!!

Many times God will put some impressions in our hearts but we will not follow through in the natural because of “what ifs“.

What if it’s not God who is asking me to give to this person ?

What if it’s not God who is asking me to make a phone call to encourage this brother ?

What is it’s not God who is asking me to challenge someone in love ?

What if it’s not God who is asking me start a conversation with a stranger ?

What if this person does not get healed when I prayed for them ?

What if it does not happen as I would speak it ?

All those “what ifs” will keep us from releasing our faith in the natural.

Instead let’s be in the spirit and walk by faith with actions.

Do not be afraid, the Lord is with you every single day until the end of ages.

We will make mistakes.
We will fall sometimes like children learning to walk.

But we will surely grow!

Take care today my friend.

guiYome 🙂
A son of the Most High

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