Maria’s Auntie

The Lord’s agents

I was born again and so delighted! My girlfriend came back to the Lord as well and we got married two months after our repentance.

I was then a child of God but also a husband. A few months later I felt the need to make some progress in my career so I can support my wife as she was still studying. I was also thinking about having children so I enrolled in an IT evening class in the attempt to boost my career.

I was going three times a week in the south of Paris. This is where I met Maria. She was from Colombia married a French man and we were working on a project together with another girl.

They quickly knew that I was a Christian as I could hardly hide it so during breaks I would share with them what the Lord was doing in my life.

          “….I would share with them….”

One day, Maria told me that her auntie came from Colombia to France for cancer treatment. She had cancer in her brain and all the family was worried about her. I said that I would share this with my church and we would pray for her which I did.

A few weeks later she asked me if I could come to the hospital and pray for her. I had never done this before but I said that I will come the following day.

I told this to my wife and we went together on Saturday morning. We prayed the Lord before going then we went to the hospital which was only two minutes from our house.

When we arrived, we saw three or four family members with Maria and her Auntie who was conscious and laying in the bed. Maria introduced us and I told her Auntie that the Lord Jesus loves her and he wants to see everybody reconciled with God.

Then we held hands forming a chain and I began to pray. I was sweating so much! My whole shirt was completely wet. I can’t remember how long I prayed but I remember saying at the end of that prayer something like “Lord you said that you will come to live in those who want to receive you so they can be saved…“.

“…we held hands…”

When I said “Amen”, everybody said Amen then Maria’s Auntie was watching me straight in the eyes. I will never forget her sight. Then she said something in Spanish and Maria translated for me. She said: “I want Jesus in my life”.

That was so unexpected!! We were all wonderfully surprised! We prayed with her and I confirmed to her after the prayer that the Lord was with her forever.

I came to visit her two or three times after this. I was praying the Lord to heal her so she can enjoy life with him.

She eventually died two or three months later and I was a bit disappointed. It took me at least three years to realize that we were the Lord’s agents for Maria’s Auntie’s salvation.

When I registered to this IT evening class, I did not know that all this would have happened but the Lord knew it. He organizes for some people to meet other people at some key time for reasons that only HE knows.

Today I can say with Jeremiah:

Lord, I know that people’s lives are not their own; it is not for them to direct their steps.
Jeremiah 10 v 23


Keep this in mind:

You may be a believer or not. Loving the Lord or not. Born again or not. It’s the same for everybody on earth. We make decisions but the Lord is the one who directs our steps. We may know where we want to go but it’s the Lord who will make us going or not. It is him who directs our steps. You will never meet someone by accident!

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