Yahweh Is

Yahweh is.

Yahweh is everything.

Yahweh has created everything. 
Everything is in Yahweh and Yahweh is in everything.

Yahweh contains everything and nothing can contain Yahweh.

Everything from the ground to the sky, from the sky to the end of the universe.

From the stars to the planets million miles away,
From the galaxies to the milky way.

The sun is like a dust in Yahweh’s hand. The heavens are like a breath in Yahweh’s nostrils.

Everything that move, moves in Yahweh,
The sea, the fishes, the sand,

Everything that move, moves by Yahweh,
The trees and the animals in the land.

No one can hide or run away from Yahweh. Where could she or he go ?
Nothing can live without Yahweh. No grass, no bird, no human being.

Yahweh is in the oxygen that you breathe, in the blood that keeps you alive.
In your kidneys, in your brain, in the skin of your body.

Yahweh is in your thoughts and yet you do not recognize Yahweh.
Yahweh is in your mouth when you speak and yet you speak against Yahweh.

Yahweh is behind you and front of you at the same time
Yahweh is around you and inside you at the same time

Yahweh is in you and you are in Yahweh but yet you do not know Yahweh
Yahweh speaks to you by inner voice and you think it’s you speaking to yourself

Yahweh speaks to you through outward voice through people but you do not recognize Yahweh’s voice.
You think it’s just people speaking. Because you do not know Yahweh.
Yet you know Yahweh but you try to keep Yahweh away from you.

How can you manage to do that ? It’s just impossible to do.

Can an eye keep itself away from a head ?
Can a finger keep itself away from a hand ?
Can a tongue keep itself away from a mouth ?
This surely cannot be performed without pain!

Can a man or a woman keep himself or herself away from Yahweh ?
This surely cannot be performed without pain!

Yet most of people prefer to live in pain than to reconcile with Yahweh.
Most of people prefer stay at the surface than going deep to know Yahweh.

You do not know Yahweh yet you know Yahweh inwardly but you do not want to go inward and to get to know Yahweh deeper.

Yahweh watches on you when you sleep.
Yahweh watches on you when wake up.
Yahweh watches on you in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the car, on the bus, in the office, in the park, with your kids, with your mum, with your grannies, with your neighbors and your colleagues.
With your friends, your mates in the pub, in the restaurant, in the gym.

Before you think about doing something Yahweh already knows what will be the outcome.

When you travel Yahweh is at the point of depart and at the point of destination. Yahweh is with you on the journey. Can you see Yahweh ? Can you hear Yahweh ? Can you feel Yahweh ? Do you know Yahweh ?

Why are you persisting living your life ignoring Yahweh ?
Yahweh will never force you to discover Yahweh.
Yahweh will wait patiently in the secret. Hoping that it will come from you.

Yahweh is not intrusive.
Yahweh does not force the way but Yahweh stays at the door quietly.
Yahweh goes with you everywhere you go.
Yahweh cannot do otherwise.

Yahweh is love. Unconditional love.

Yahweh is peace.

Yahweh is freedom.

Yahweh is joy.

Yahweh is life.

Yahweh is abundance.

Yahweh is light.

Yahweh is constancy.

Yahweh is consistency.

Yahweh is power.

Yahweh is eternal. So you are!

Having been created at Yahweh’s image, with Yahweh’s characteristics.
Do you know that like Yahweh, you are eternal ?

Death will only affect your carnal envelope (your body) but your spirit and soul (which are the true you) will live forever in full consciousness.

Today because of your body and your soul which are the parts of you affected by sin and death, you are not fully conscious of who you are really and you think like many that death is the end of everything.

Sure it’s not! Death of the body is the beginning of eternal life.

Yahweh speaks continuously to you and little by little you start to ask yourself deep questions.

This is wonderful how Yahweh operates!
Without violence but only with little prompts.
When you start to ask yourselves deep questions about life and death, suffering, existence and so on, it’s Yahweh attracting you to Yahweh so you can enter in fullness of conscience.

You know deeply that eternity is a crucial question but you vacuum those by choosing to believe that there is nothing after death. You know deeply that it’s not true at all!

How long will you play this game ?

We are eternal so we remain eternal. We live temporarily as pilgrims in a body of flesh but the day will come that we will all be out of this body to face Yahweh.

Yahweh loves you.

Come back to Yahweh.

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