With us, In us, Within Us

It’s time now, to stop thinking that God is out there, disconnected from us. He has never been disconnected from us and we have never been outside of Him. Our thinking may lead us to wrong conclusions and our emotions might make us feel we are away from Him. Our shouting circumstances might present us with another truth; louder than peace and quietness. Our wounds or scars might remind us of pain and suffering.

Or perhaps we feel we are too comfortable in our lives with a sense of obligation tormenting us. We might have succeeded in our career, with a stable situation. Spouse and kids are great but we still feel a sense of unfulfilling.
Whatever question we might ask ourselves right now, the good news is that the answer remains the same. There is much more to contemplate than to be desolated for. “Well!” you must be sighing, “It’s kinda difficult to be optimistic in the season we are going through!”. “Well!”, I am saying “It’s much harder to miss God when he lives within us.”

Enjoy your Monday

guiYome 🙂

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