Always here

Yes He is! Just like a river, a hill or a tree. Some things have always been at some places and they help us to be grounded in our identity. I went back to my natal Caribbean island, after 15 years and some trees don’t seem to be taking not even one wrinkle. They are at the same place, bearing the same fruits. Are they not tired?

I was passing by a mango tree I grew up around and after 15 years, it was just the same. However something had changed: my perception. The affairs of life, successes, failures, disappointments, wounds, joy and peace have made of me another person.

This mango tree whose purpose was only to provide fruits for my pleasure, 15 years ago, was now speaking to me.
It was in fact, not the mango tree but the Lord who was talking to me as I stared at the tree and its leaves. The Lord said to me: “I have always been here with you and in you, in all seasons. Smile coz you are filmed.”

Enjoy your Wednesday!

guiYome 🙂

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