The Digger 1/2

I did not get a verse this morning! Usually as I pray in the morning, the Lord will impress a verse on my heart then I would “kind of” mediate, ponder and share about that verse. I did not get any impression this morning and that’s ok.
When I realise that the all Word, lives in me, does it really matter if a verse came to the surface or not?

The word has been lying deep within all of us like water in a well but when you think about it. Who was there first? The water or the well?
It seems obvious that the water was already there before the digger even thought about any digging work.
The water did not appear when the digger started digging. The water had always been there, silently, unseen, unheard. The digger was doing life, every day. Sometimes when he was at rest, he would hear a faint intriguing noise but he could never stop long enough to understand what it was really.

As the day were passing, the digger was hearing this noise louder and louder even when he was not listening. He went into his backyard garden and the noise was louder. He knew he was coming closer, he got a pick, a shovel and began to dig.

Are we not all diggers seeking for truth in a noisy world?


Enjoy your day

guiYome 🙂

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