The Digger 2/2

The water was there not too far. The digger could hear it but he could not yet see it or touch it. Each shovelful of fear earth out of the ground was getting him closer to the Source. He was sweating but would not give up. He forgot about the plans he had for that day as he was so consumed by his “mission”. Thirst or tiredness did not prevail. Each pause he took was only a chance to readjust his digging strategy. He knew he would get to the source and was not ready to give up.

His clothes were covered with dirt. At the beginning he was cautious trying not to hurt himself, but two hours later, he had forgotten about himself and his only focus was the source.
This noise was pulling him out of himself. He had never experienced such a thing. When he bought this house, he did not have plans for gardening of landscape designing but there he was, 23 years later, digging a big hole in his garden without any rational reason.

The calling in his heart was becoming louder as he was closing up to the goal. He felt a sense of excitement, knowing he would soon see and understand what this journey was all about.
The earth was smoother and humid, no large stone or sharp rocks on the way anymore.
He found a stick and pushed it in the ground as deep as could then took it back.

Completely wet! Staring at the wet stick put a large smile on his face. He was there! He dug another half meter and the water finally came out.
At the beginning this water was brown and messy but after being settled, he curved his hand and had a drink.

No better journey than seeking for God.

Take care today!

guiYome 🙂

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