Not a mistake

We are seated in the heavenly places in Christ above principalities authorities, powers and dark forces. We are above them because we are in Christ. We live victorious lives on this earth because we have been sent by our heavenly Father for this purpose.

You are not an accident but the spirit of the Living God dwells in you. He brought you on this blog because he wants to talk to you. He wants you to hear his voice. You have been searching in many directions without success. You tried many things but none of them brought inner peace and fulfilment. Only your heavenly who lives in you has the power to make you well.

He lives in you, he dwells in you and he is more powerful than anything and anybody. Allow Him to rescue you. Let Him lead you to this place of eternal peace and fullness of joy. Do not be afraid, you can trust Him. He is the one who created you and he knows everything about you. From your first breath until now he has been waiting patiently for the day when you will come back to your senses.

You are not an error or a mistake! You are not a physical body. You are a spirit who has a body of flesh. You are a spirit as your Heavenly Father. God is spirit and you have been made at his image. We have been made at his resemblance. We are like flowers in pots chosen by God, not mistakes!

Start real living today!

guiYome 🙂

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