Real Power

Men can fake many things with great style and skills. Sometimes those fake things are so well done that you think they are real.

Remember what happened when Moses threw his stick on the ground in pharaoh’s presence at the palace.

What happened?

Pharaohs magicians were able to do the same however Moses’ snake ate the magicians’ ones.

Real power will always overcome fake power. The power of God will always prevail.

Something I find powerful is that Moses was not a magician. Even if he was raised in the palace, he had just spent the last 40 years of his life, as a shepherd, keeping someone else’s sheep.

He did not learn to release human power but he had a relationship with God. God was his power, not his own wisdom or his human abilities. In fact he could not even speak properly.

You might feel inadequate or powerless. Let me tell you that you are at the best place if you think that way. Now you just need to believe that Jesus loves you and that he is with you.

Live by faith in Him and you will see his power moving through you and released around you.

Smile today!

guiYome 🙂

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