Sometimes we need to take a pause, sit down and take a long breath. This seems to be so simple and insignificant but the truth is there is a lot of power in a pause.

A pause seems so weak against the mountain of activities we schedule to ourselves each day and that’s why many people don’t take the time to pause.

The reality is that a pause can change your entire day.

A pause can make you think out of the box.
A pause can clear your mind and make you change direction.
A pause can make you see something that was already there for ages but was out of your focus.
A pause can make you regroup your emotions, harness your feelings.

A does not not have to be long. One minute or two. 5 minutes or 10.

The most important is to resync with the real you, the hidden one, the spiritual being that you are.

Take a pause today, breath in, breath out, realise that you are loved.

Enjoy a pause today!

guiYome 🙂

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