The dog 1/2

I like recalling this story when I need courage to do something I’ve never done before.
I was around fifteen years old, living in the Caribbean. I used cycle to go to my weekly football training, each Wednesday and all was going well until I had this experience with the dog.

It was a white dog with brown spots. I think they call them Border collier if you are a dog’s fan. I was already not a dog’s fan but when that one chased me and bite me on my Achille’s heel, I definitely was put off.

Not only I hated that dog but I was also afraid of him. After that incident, each time I was passing, this dog was chasing me. He knew I was afraid of him. I also noticed that he would not chase everybody but he would always chase me.

In the Caribbean there are many dogs which are not tied and it’s not a strange to see dogs on their own going for a walk.

That dog, however had a master and a kennel but he was never tied.

This went for many weeks.

Each Wednesday, before leaving the house to go to my football training session, I was thinking about the dog. Is he going to get today me or not. I would accelerate as much as I could before reaching the place where he was and he never manager to bite me again but I was still afraid of him.

One morning, I woke up and I said to myself that’s enough! I can’t let a dog make me miserable like this. I decided that I would not cycle but I would walk and confront the dog.

I was tired of running away, tired of being bullied, tired of being afraid and I had made up my mind just on that morning.

I said to myself: “I’ll fight this dog! He might bite me again but I’ll hit him hard too, because this must stop now.”


Come back tomorrow.

Enjoy your day today.

guiYome 🙂

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