The dog 2/2

So I was building myself up as I was leaving the house to go to my football training session. That day I did not take the bike. I did not want anything to be between myself and that dog. It was going to him or me but something had to change.

I remember myself talking to myself under my breath. I was saying things like: “It’s not normal that I have to run each time I pass by this house. This dog bit me without a reason. I did not shout at him, I did not throw a stone at him, I did not say anything bad about him. What have I done for him to persecute me that way.”

I know this situation was wrong and a sense of justice had risen upon me. I was willing to pay the price. I did not know how he was going to react but I knew I was not going to back off and run. Not this time.

As I was approaching the house, my heartbeat increased, my breathing accelerated, each step was taking me closer to this unknown outcome.

The more I was approaching, the more I was clinching my fist, I was ready!

Suddenly I saw him. He was laying on the floor.

As soon as he saw me, he stood and started to run toward me. I started to run toward him too, shouting with all my soul. I was determined. This cry came from the deepest part of my being. It was a kind of survival instinct mixed with a sense of justice. I just exploded like a volcano and nothing was going to stop me. This dog had pushed me out of my natural reasoning.

What happened next? I never imagined it that way. As I was still running toward him, shouting like mad gorilla, the dog backed off. Yes he backed off when I was expecting a fight.

When I saw him backing off I kept chasing him for a few seconds and then I stopped and shouted to him. “You’ll never never bite me again! You’ll never run after me again, now.”

Then for the first time in months, I turned my back and walked away from that dog. I did not run but I walked peacefully.

This dog never chased me again after this event. When I was passing by I was watching him in the eyes and I could see, he was afraid of me. I was not afraid of him anymore. I felt so powerful!

The lesson I learned from this event is: You must always run towards the thing that scares you the most. God did not create us to live in fear but he created us so we can subdue everything. We should allow nothing, nobody, no circumstances, no event, no sickness to rise above us and to terrorise us.

It is for freedom that we have been set free, not for the bondage of fear. Whatever giant is menacing you right now, you need to know that there is enough power inside of you to make this giant flee.

You are more powerful than this giant, whatever it is, whoever it is, because of the One who lives in you.

Enjoy today.

guiYome 🙂

Woof woof!! 🙂

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