The Truth

It is true that there is a lot of confusion nowadays but it is equally true that the Truth exists and stands out for those who look for it. For those who are willing to receive it.

And the Truth was made flesh so human beings can understand the language of the Truth. The Truth has been speaking for a long time until now. The Truth still speaks but many don’t listen. The Truth is not “it” but the Truth is a person.

Would you hear the Truth talking to you right now? Would you pay attention of what is said to you at this very minute?

You are much more than you think you are. You live in Truth and the Truth lives in you. The problem is that you don’t want to believe this.

You have been so acquainted to believe in your five senses that you struggle to believe anything else. But this is time now to start believing in the Truth. Let the Truth show what he can do for you.

The Truth will set you free from the bondage of fear.
Free from the slavery of darkness.
Free from the lies of the enemy.
Free from what is holding you back.
Free from those chains that dictate your mind.
Free from the wicked schemes of the prince of the air.
Free from the power of the king of this world.

You much more than you think. You belong to the Truth. Whatever happened to you, or whatever you did in the past, do not let it keep you away from the Truth.

The Truth always welcome anyone willing to welcome the Truth.

Are you willing?

Just say: “I welcome you today. I know you are The Truth and I want you in my life.”

The Truth will never leave you nor forsake you.

Stay in faith today!

guiYome 🙂

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