You are spirit

Yes! You are!
It took me a lot of time to come this realisation but I’m so glad, now I know who I am truly. I am not a body of flesh struggling to live a life in the world.

I am a spiritual being, living in a body of flesh during my journey on earth. The world does not define me, God does. God, my heavenly Father is spirit and he is my creator. I am his and his mine. We are one.

I know it seems unreal to believe such things, especially in a world where materialism has taken over. The king of this world who is also spirit, hides himself and keeps spreading lies, so men remain in ignorance.

You are not a body of flesh but you live in a body of flesh. You are spirit! God sent you on earth for a purpose: To Glorify Him. He sent you so you can be a witness of the Truth . So you can show to men who their True Father is.

When your journey on earth will come to an end, you will leave this body and go back to your Father.

Think about it, a body cannot do anything without a spirit leading it. When the spirit leaves the body, what do we do? We bury the body or cremate it because it cannot help itself.

A body of flesh on its own is useless. It needs life in it. It needs a spirit leading it, breathing life to it.

In the beginning God breathed life into a body of flesh then man became a living being.

You see! Without the spirit nothing can move.

You are spirit!

Enjoy your day!

guiYome 🙂

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