Fiction or reality?

Most of you if not all of you know about the movie “Matrix”. What an amazing movie! On one side you have men and women living in a real-world (at least real for them) but in fact, it’s a prison: The matrix.
On the other side, you have a group of rebels who knows the truth about this prison and are fighting their lives to break the matrix.

The former were living smooth lives, in a “normal” world where good was still dominating evil. They were living lives where people were conditioned. Once born, you go to school, find a job, get married, have kids, get retired then go to the grave. In the matrix, life was not perfect but there was no other choice.

On the other side, those who knew the truth about the Matrix were fighting. They knew the aim of the Matrix which was mainly to control people. They knew the truth and were fighting to destroy this Matrix so men could experience freedom.

Freedom? What is freedom? I believe that freedom is to know the truth.

Comedians and actors, when they perform, take temporary roles and embody characters which they know are not true. Those characters may be fictional, but the actors are true people. Successful actors are those who can powerfully impart something to their audience. When you watch them, you are just moved and inspired, filled with joy, hope, or sadness.

This is when fiction reaches you in your reality. When you cry in front of a movie or get inspired to start a business after watching a play, that means: Fiction reaches you in reality.

The lives we live daily are recorded in heaven. Just like the Matrix, we are all actors on this earth without knowing it. We were born, we grew up, we got jobs and families or not, we have ups and downs and our stories can inspire others or make them sad.

I was not too sure where I was going when I started this post but now the picture becomes much clearer.

Some see a gap between reality and fiction but the truth is there is no gap. Our reality is like fiction for those watching us.

Smile, you are filmed.

guiYome 🙂

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