The bus

This morning I’m on the bus for a change, going to work and I’m really enjoying it.

Usually, when I drive, I have to be careful with many things: traffic lights, pedestrians, speed limits, and so on. When I drive I have to be alert and it could be stressful.

But this morning I’m enjoying the ride because someone else is driving.

Praise the Lord for bus drivers! They are doing a great job.

You just hop in and hop out (almost) wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about traffic, you don’t have to keep your eyes constantly on the road. You can have a meaningful or casual conversation with a stranger.

You can get up and change your seat while the bus is moving. You don’t have to be bound to your seat with a choking seatbelt as useful as it can be.

The only thing with the bus is: you have to wait for it. You need to use the fruit of the spirit called patience.

So it’s a good exercise to take the bus if you need to develop your patience.

I like this imagining the bus as my body, the driver as Jesus, and myself as a passenger. Yes! a passenger of my own body. Wow!!! That’s powerful.

The three of us, each one in his role. 

The bus is important.
The driver is much more important.
And the passenger is important too.


My body is important.
Jesus leading is much more important.
And I am important too.

Jesus is driving me and he knows where he is going. I know he is leading me where I am supposed to be. I can be at rest, enjoying the ride.

I hope you enjoy this ride too.

Allow yourself to be led today.

Take care.

guiYome 🙂

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