All connected

Yes, we are, my friend.

We are all connected whether we agree with it or not. The human race is one. One kind in the universe.

We have the same breath of life that makes us be, talk or move. We share the same story under the sun as we all come from the same parents Adam and Eve.

We are all brothers and sisters even if many are not comfortable with this way of thinking. Our minds need to be renewed to align with the Truth because it’s only by knowing the Truth that we will be set free.

All connected! Yes, my friend. There’s no separation between us. Separation is an illusion, an attempt to deny the Truth, an absolute lie that aims to divide and destroy. Separation is an impostor, an enemy of the Truth and unity.

We are all connected. Not only you and your relatives but your neighbour, his neighbour, the bus driver, the baker, the primary school teacher, the jobseeker, the nurse, the old one who is about to leave the earth, the new one about to come.

What unites us is much stronger than what divides us. Let us acknowledge our oneness rather than emphasizing this pseudo separation. We are One in Christ.

We are all connected. No one is a maverick or a free electron. We all draw our resources from Christ, we all belong to Him.

Expand your vision and see how connected and interdependent we are.

Blessings today!

guiYome 🙂

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