Part of Him

Jesus said: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

He is the vine and we are the branches. This is so deep! When I took the time to ponder on that statement, I found out that we are much more than we appear to be.

The vine comes first

Without the vine, there is no branch and there is no fruit. Think about it for a moment. The vine comes first then the branches appear then the fruits appear on the branches. It’s a process that does not happen overnight. I’m not an expert on vine but I learned from nature that things take time to grow and things are done in a specific order.
You can’t have the fruits before the vine. It doesn’t make sense.
The vine has to come first.
Likewise, if we want to bear fruits in our lives, the source of our lives must come first. Many times we try to produce fruits on our own with our willpower. It can’t work.
We can’t produce kindness or peace, joy or patience, those fruits are only produced effortlessly when we are flowing with the vine.

Connected or not?

Someone may say: “You said in your post yesterday that we are all connected to the source. “How can we be disconnected?”
The answer is simple: We have Free will.
Jesus shows us the way. He showed us the way to live on earth and he demonstrated that a fulfilled life is a life lived in complete harmony with the vine.
We have the power to do our own things to some extent. (We can’t remove ourselves from Him) Can a branch remove itself from a vine? Can a leg or an arm remove itself by its own will from the rest of the body?

We have the ability to not acknowledge the presence of God in our lives but this does not mean that we become disconnected from him. We can use our Free will and choose to not cooperate with him but in that case, we will not produce good fruits. The fruits we will produce will be bitter or bland and will not be a blessing for those around us.

Him in us

His life is in us.
If we exist it is only through Him.
You cannot be without Him.
Without Him, there is no life, no oxygen. He did not only create us, he lives in us, in all of us. He is our very essence and we cannot be without Him.

A branch cannot exist without the vine! It just does not make sense. Can a branch be out there, suspended in the air on its own? That does not make sense! Yet many things don’t need God to live. Well! You can’t live without God. You can try but it won’t work.
Acknowledge him in you! Let us acknowledge Him in all of us and we will start to experience his goodness. We will start to bear good fruits coming from the source. Those around us will be blessed to be around us. We are part of Him.

You are a member of the body of Christ.

guiYome 🙂

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