How did I fast for 40 days?


Well! First of all, that was an amazing experience, less difficult than you could imagine.
Jesus said: “If you believe in you will do the things I do and you will do greater things because I’m going to the Father.” John 14.12

This verse means a lot to me, I do take it seriously and believe that I can do things Jesus did; not because as I am strong as him but because I believe in what he says.

If Jesus says it that’s because it is the truth because he cannot lie.

Why fast for 40 days?

I wanted to have a testimony, a demonstration of the power of God in my life. I wanted to be closer to Jesus. I wanted to experience for myself his word. Because he said all things are possible to those who believe and I’m a believer, I wanted to see in my life something that seemed impossible for a natural mind.

And I’m so glad I did because today I can share this with you. We should never doubt the word of God.

How did this happen?

Let me tell you that it didn’t happen in one go but I failed many times for almost 3 years before actually succeeding.
The first time I tried was on 15th October 2012. Before that day, I was spending a lot of time reading the bible and praying in tongues then I became convinced that I could fast for 40 days as Jesus did and experience something special with the Lord.

I had bought on Sunday 14th, 1 pack of 20 bottles of water to start with. Before making that decision I think I had fasted only once or twice in my whole life.

The day started well as I was energized by the word I had read that morning. I completed my 30mn walk to get to work as usual and all was good. I was working as a call center agent at that time.

I felt great all day then I went home only drinking water. It’s amazing how much free time I had as I did not have to worry about my stomach.
The following morning (day 2) I woke up a bit dizzy but after drinking some water, I felt much better. I spent some time in prayer and in the word then I was ready for another day.

Change of focus

As my second day was going, my focus was slipping away from fasting and I was absorbed by my daily routine, answering the phone, logging calls, etc. When it was time for my lunch break, I was very uncomfortable seeing everybody eating and me having nothing. My stomach was making some funny noise, I began to focus on my stomach.

It’s interesting to note that the more you focus on something, the more you will you are dragged to this very thing.

I made my decision in a second, I knew I could choose to continue the fasting I did not want anymore. I fell under the pressure of my body. I hastily took my wallet ran to the vending machine where I bought everything I could.

When I got home that day, I had an amazing fish & chips from Bethany. How good it was to eat a proper meal after 30 hrs or so.

Here we go again

I enjoyed that meal but when I went to bed that night, I was disappointed that I did not make it. Something in my spirit was telling me, it is possible but you need to put your mind to it.

Between that day and July 2015, I tried many times to fast for 40 days but I would always fail after 2 or 3 days, crawling under the power of the flesh.

In July 2015, I was out of work and I decided that it was time to pass this test. I spent a lot of time reading about fasting, watching content online, listening to testimonies of people who had done it before. Myles Munroe was one of them. He inspired me.

I got myself ready and for the first time, I fasted for 7 days, only with water. On that seventh day, I remember the battle in my mind. In my spirit, I wanted to carry on but my body was pulling me in a different direction and I was strugglin between flesh and spirit.

I clearly understood what Paul meant when he said: “For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh. They conflict with each other so that you are not to do whatever you want.” Galatians 5:17


After those 7 days, instead of being discouraged, I was convinced that I could do it with the Lord’s help. I knew it was a matter of bringing those thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. Those thoughts which would tell me to give up because it was too hard were coming from the enemy and instead of attending to them, I needed to turn to Christ. I understood that and I knew I could do it.

I started again and believe it or not but after the 7th day, I had the same challenge again. I wanted to give up. I had thoughts telling me: “why are you doing this? You just want to show off, do you? God is not with you in this? Why would you torture yourself like this? Jesus did not ask you to do this?”

I was overwhelmed with those thoughts and my stomach was shouting.

This time, I cried to the Lord instead of giving in. I remember during that period, my wife and daughter were in France for the summer. I had stayed with our 4 years old son. I’m not too sure he realised the battle that was going on in the room next to his.

I was kneeled and praying Jesus to help me continue until the end as I did not want to give up. I cried to the Lord until I heard this word in my spirit: “It is the spirit that gives life, the flesh profits nothing.” John 6:63

When I heard that, I realized that my spirit was much stronger than my flesh. I realized how powerful I was because of the spirit of God living in my spirit. The very spirit that was in Jesus reconciling the world to the Father. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead. The same that opened the Red Sea, turned water into wine or multiplied bread and fish. That power was in me.

Twenty four days

I eventually spent the first 24 days drinking water only. My schedule was as follows:

1) Wake up around 8 am
2) Pray in tongues mostly and read the bible then have a shower
3) Prepare my son’s breakfast then spend time with him
4) Prepare his lunch
5) In the afternoon I would take him to the park with his bicycle
6) Then I would go to prayer a meeting with 3 other members of my prayer group who were fasting for 40 days too.
7) I would go back home, prepare dinner, I would do some housekeeping as well
8) Take the son to bed
9) Spend some time in prayer and reading the bible
10) Have another shower then go to bed around 10 pm

I did that each day only by drinking water.

I collapsed

When my wife came back from France, she saw how much weight I had lost and I told her I had been fasting for 22 days. She could not believe it but after 2 days, she saw I would not eat anything and eventually she made up her mind to join me in this fasting.

She would drink tea with milk only. On the 24th day, when I woke up in the morning, I think I got up too quickly from my bed and I just collapsed. I must have stayed around 10 seconds unconscious, then I came back to my senses and went to the bathroom.

When my wife tried to figure out what was happening, I was already up and running. I told her how I collapsed but without any consequence. I guess she was a bit scared for me and persuaded me to finish this fasting by drinking tea or milk rather than water only. I did so and finished this fasting drinking milk. It was much easier.

Lessons learned

All things are possible to who believes!

The Lord Jesus does not lie. If he says something, it’s because it is true. Many times we don’t believe in the word that we read because we don’t feel it is possible. We exalt our feelings, or emotions above the word and end up with wrong conclusions like “those things are not possible anymore”.

Well, they are possible! I was able to demonstrate that one with the help of the Lord. It was not easy every day, but I learned to trust in the Lord rather than in my feelings.

You can do this too! I’m testifying not to brag but to strengthen the body of Christ. All things are possible if you believe. Keep believing until you see it coming to pass.

I learned that there is a power inside of me that can make me keep going despite the suffering in my body. This power is the power of the spirit that is in all of us. This power is stronger than anything else in this world.

If we cooperate with the Lord and die to the flesh, we will see exploits for His glory.

Be encouraged today!

guiYome 🙂

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