Weekend “away”

I’m writing this post from Ballycastle, a small town in the North of Northern Ireland.

I’m having a week away from Belfast but still very close to the Lord.

This is one those things I love with the Lord. He is not limited by location.

He is not bound by distance. He is never away from us. He does not need to take a break from us and we don’t need a break from Him.
He is our Break, our eternal rest.

Physically, we can move to a different location but we are always as close as we can be to the Lord. You can’t be away from the Lord when you live in Him and Him in you.

Can a hand remove Itself from the body, saying, I need a break? That does not make sense.
The real break can be experienced only when we know who we are.

Once you know you are sealed with God by the Holy Spirit, the peace of the Lord will fill your heart.

Enjoy The break today!

guiYome 🙂

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