Words are carriers

We saw yesterday, how the word is alive and indeed words are carriers.
They carry encouragement of discouragement.
They carry comfort or distress, relief or pain, joy or sadness, peace or strife, positivity or negativity.
They carry life or death.

What do you convey when you speak? What are your words carrying to yourself and others?

Are you speaking hope or despair?
Victory or defeat?
Gladness or complaint?
Optimism or pessimism?

This looks very childish and simple, and it is, but it is also very powerful.
You will end up becoming what you speak.

What we speak has the power to affect us and affect those around us if we speak it consistently.
Words carry who we are and bring ourselves to ourselves.
They also bring us to others.
When someone listens to you or reads your writings, they receive in them some parts of you.

This is why we will be rejected or accepted according to what we say.

Yes, my friend, what we say carries what we are and some people will not like what you are.
Some people will not receive you and that’s ok. Jesus was not accepted in every place he went. They ended up crucifying him because he was carrying life and some were not willing to receive his life.

Many received his life in their soul.
Many were lifted.
Many even experienced the power of Jesus’ spoken word in their lives.

Some received healing in their bodies.
Others received comforting words that lifted their spirit.
Many received words of freedom that set them free of bondage.

Bondage of self-condemnation, grief, failure or discouragement. Bondage of low self-esteem.

Many were changed as they listened to Jesus because they were open to his words.

What do I speak to my children? To my spouse? Because my words will impact them greatly.

Words are carriers.

What are you carrying every morning when you wake up? You don’t have to carry negativity even if you have carried it for a long time. Jesus can change who you are if you receive his word.

Those are his words: “I love you and I understand you. I am for you and not against you. I am always with you, within you. You are never alone and you can trust me.”

Be a carrier of life today.

Blessings my friend!

guiYome 🙂

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