Don’t quit!

This morning, I struggled so much to get out of bed. One month ago, I committed myself to write every day but this morning was very challenging. While I was in bed, I was thinking about all kinds of excuses for not getting up. “I’m tired! I want a morning off! etc..” but eventually after spending almost 1 hour fighting against myself, I decided that I was going to write about what I was about to do this morning: Quit!

I was about to quit but I did not as I remembered all the times I started something new and quit after 1 month of too. I just checked the meaning of “Quit” and one of the aspects of quitting is to “admit defeat”.

I was already up when I read this but reading about “admitting defeat” just boosted my energy level.

I won’t bow! No, I won’t give because my emotions are telling me to do so. I will stop when I decide to but not because I don’t feel to continue.

You might feel, you can’t go anymore. Don’t quit!
You might be tired with of your spouse. Don’t quit!
You might be exhausted with your job. Take a break but don’t quit!
You might experience a long sickness and seem to be going into circles. Don’t quit!
Whatever you’ve been facing today. Don’t quit!

Please hear my heart, I don’t say not to abandon something that hinders you. It’s the attitude of giving up that I am after this morning. Jesus conquered the cross for us. He had 1000 reasons to give up: rejection, pain in his body, disappointment, the feeling of being abandoned but the truth is he was never on his own because the Father was always with Him. The Father was in him.

The Father is always with you. He is in you. The very One who created heaven and earth lives and dwells in you. Focus on Him. Find in him the resources to keep going. Don’t quit!

Stop only when you deeply believe it’s time to move on but don’t because of emotions.

Don’t quit today.

guiYome 🙂

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