Feeling condemned?

The keyword that will lead you to a breakthrough is in the title. It’s “Feeling”.
Some people carry with a sense of condemnation following some bad choices they made. The problem is not “the bad” choice although it can have some serious consequences: broken relationships, debts, job loss, and so on.

Who has never made a bad choice? We all make bad choices only the consequences are different in each situation.

Once the bad decision has been noticed and the consequences start to kick in, there is an emotional change of state that occurs within us and we become emotionally unbalanced. When we focus on something, (good or bad), our brain sends signals to our body that we should feel good or bad.

We are the decision-makers. I think it’s important to come to the realisation that we got it wrong so we can improve however there is no need to beat ourselves up about it.

When you feel condemned, it’s only a feeling. The truth is greater than what you feel.

The truth is that: people can make you feel condemned, you can make yourself feel condemned but your creator who is the most important being in the universe does not condemn you.

Yoohoo!! That’s amazing! The Lord is on your side and he is with you. He does not want you to live in perpetual shame, guilt or condemnation.

People remain in that state sometimes for years because they believe in a lie. They believe that they can’t forgive themselves for what they did. Well, if God almighty forgives you, why can’t you forgive yourself?

If God Almighty has already forgiven you, does it matter what others think about you?

Again, there is always a place for reparation but we need to choose to believe that we have been forgiven. When we do so, our brain will start creating good chemicals in our body and the emotion linked to this point of condemnation will start to decrease.

Believe it first then you will feel it. You might feel you are condemned but the truth you are NOT, whatever you have done. Jesus paid the price for all our past and future offenses so we can live a life on earth free of condemnation.

The decision is yours. What do you choose to believe? Do you want to carry on making yourself suffer or do you want to enjoy life in its fullness?

Don’t let the feeling of condemnation rob you from what God has given to you.

Enjoy in full today.

guiYome šŸ™‚

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