Life in you

Yes! Life has always been in you even if you could not see Life.

I found out that what flows out of me variates according to who is talking to me. I used to be a people pleaser trying to adapt my personality to everyone so they can feel comfortable. Even though I know there was a genuine desire to make room for my neighbour, I was doing this out of the strength of my flesh, not of my spirit.

Later, when I started to realise I am spirit, I started to connect my inside life to the outside one. There are some people in my life whose purpose (regarding me) is to bring out the Life that dwells in me. For some other people, my purpose is to bring Life out of them.

I found Life so purposeful since I can enjoy experiencing Life in myself and in others. You need to realise that all your circumstances and/or emotions as unstable as they can be, do not have the power to quench the Peaceful Life that dwells in you.

You can connect to your Life at any time and allow this river of peace to fill your mind. Unshakable peace and joy beyond human understanding.

Why would you live disconnected from your Life and from yourself?

Many are looking for material success thinking it will bring to them something they don’t have but the truth is they already have it. Well! You already have everything you need to live a successful life on this earth. And what I mean by “successful” is not a lot of money or fame or possessions. To me, success means, reconnecting to the Source, reconnecting to Life.

This Life that makes you see everything around you differently. This Life that is also abundant peace and joy, patience and acceptance of self and others. Money cannot give this to you and Life can.

Take one minute today, breath in, breath out and welcome Life, say: “Life I welcome you now, fill my mind.”

You will be surprised at the outcome.

Enjoy Life today.

guiYome šŸ™‚

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