Fun vs Joy

I noticed a huge difference between those two. This came up to me this morning while I was having a shower.

I was feeling very good because my mind was following the desires of the spirit: the true me. And after spending a good hour reading and writing from the Source, I was enjoying the hot water flowing on my body.

Then that thought came to me: What is the difference between watching a football game and spending some spiritual time?

Watching football is one of my hobbies and I was trying to understand the difference of emotions felt when watching football opposed to what I feel spending some spiritual time.

Now you know where this title comes from. And it makes complete sense to me.

In one side, my emotions are triggered by something I see and hear. I watch 2 teams with 2 strategies fighting to score one more goal than the opponent. I take pleasure in the competitiveness, the crowd and the atmosphere.

Every ingredient needs to be present for me to enjoy. I needs to see goals, nice actions but above all, what gives me the more pleasure is the victory. If my team does not win, I don’t feel that good. This is what I call this fun and you’ll agree that it’s not always funny.

On the other side, when I take the time to reflect, ponder about who I am truly, a spiritual being having an earthly incarnation, this activates a deeper feeling inside of me: Joy.

Joy is not triggered by what I see or what I hear but by what I know. Awareness of knowing who I am provides to me a joy beyond understanding. This joy coming from the inside seems to be stronger than anything I have experienced in the outside world.

It is not conditioned by worldly success or failure but rooted in eternity.

Having fun is a good but too superficial to provide lasting changes in our inner being. We need to release the Joy that lies inside of us.

I see myself like a well. It’s not the rain that fills a well but it’s the water that lies deep down. Not what it is visible but what is invisible. The clouds come and go according to the direction of the wind which makes the rain conditional but the Source is constant, unconditional, unshakable.

Joy comes from within and is permanent, fun comes from the outside and is superficial.

Which one do you want to see prevailing in you?

Choose joy today.

guiYome 🙂

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