Running away?

Don’t be kidding yourself, my friend! If you are reading this post it’s only because something resonated in you when you read the title. There are no accidents in life and I will go straight: you are running away from something instead of running towards it.

This morning I had a dream, and I was running away in that dream. I was at war in a city that looked peaceful but I was going from house to house so I can hide and save my life. There was a couple with me and the lady was pregnant.
We were running away from something scary which we could not see.
In that dream there was also one of my work colleagues who had a hunting rifle but he was drunk. He was fearless because he was drunk but we were running away from him too. Eventually, another lady that I know managed to find a place for me so I can hide then I woke up.

I must say that when I woke up, I was upset! I do not accept that I have been running away from something. Only people who are afraid are running away.

The reality is that I am afraid of making some steps in faith but the truth is: there is NO fear in Love. 1 John 4:18

I am writing this post so I can remember that I made the decision today to stop running away. I know there are things I need to do in this life but I keep postponing them because of fear. The truth is: it’s the same for you.

We always have things to accomplish in this life because life means constant growth.

There is no point to run away from what you have been called to do. Life is not: “commute, work, sleep.” We have a purpose much greater than that.

If you were looking for a sign or a confirmation, that’s it, my friend. There is no doubt about it. Stop running away, just go for it. We will make mistakes, it won’t be comfortable at times but we will grow.

guiYome 🙂

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