Be water

I’m currently writing from the plane, flying to the Caribbean for holidays.

I just watched a documentary on Bruce Lee. “Be Water” it was called. Bruce Lee was saying that if you pour water in a cup, the water becomes the cup, if you pour it in a bottle, it becomes the bottle, water can flow but water can crush.

That’s very true and it is the same for our mind. Whatever we put our mind into will shape our mind.

Whatever reality we embrace, whatever belief we establish will shape our thinking and reasoning. I chose to fill my mind with the truth, the living word of God that sets us free.

This very word of God has the power to flow upon our mind and remove doubts and lies. It can wash prejudices and dead traditions to establish in us truth and life.

This word, when you receive and keep it, becomes you and you become the word as one.

You become the word and the word becomes you.

We are the vessels and God wants to fill us with the truth so we can become who we have been created for. What vessel are you my friend? Are you a glass, a cup, a teapot, a cistern, a swimming pool?

It does not matter what vessel you are, the most important is to be filled.

Be water today my friend!

guiYome 🙂

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