Guillaume2I am Guillaume guiYome, a son of  Yahweh, The Most High.

I have been on a journey on this earth since 1979. The Lord sent me for a particular purpose and I will not come back to him without fully fulfilling what I was sent for.

During my journey in the flesh, The Lord granted me with six sisters and one brother, in the Caribbean. I’m the seventh one.

He later granted me a wonderful wife who is also my sister in Christ and whom I did not deserve! A few years later, The Lord sent through our union, a girl then a boy for us to take care of.

It’s a privilege for us to see that The Lord has entrusted us to show them the way of righteousness before they return.

That was on the Lord’s agenda for me to share online some “snapshots” of a “so exciting life” lived with the Creator Himself. Everytime I write a post, I do it with gladness and joy knowing that the Lord will use some of this content to minister to some of his people.

You are not reading this by accident. There is no accident in life!

Be blessed!

guiYome 🙂