Weekend “away”

I’m writing this post from Ballycastle, a small town in the North of Northern Ireland.

I’m having a week away from Belfast but still very close to the Lord.
This is one those things I love with the Lord. He is not limited by location.


The Kingdom of God is in us, in everybody without exception. God breathed his spirit upon Adam, in the beginning and he didn’t take his spirit back even after the disobedience.
In Him, we live and move and have our being. Well! It is the power of the spirit that enables us to live, to move and to have our being.

Maria’s Auntie

The Lord’s agents I was born again and so delighted! My girlfriend came back to the Lord as well and we got married two months after our repentance. I was then a child of God but also a husband. A few months later I felt the need to make some progress in my career so […]

Exit Door

Why are you torturing yourself? Asking yourself this question it’s opening the door to exit. Behind this exit door lie so many enjoyable things waiting for you. Infinite joy, everlasting peace, eternal freedom, incomparable love… Why are you torturing yourself?

Mighty woman

In the Spirit I  met Sister Donia during my Pentecostal experience and I am so glad The Lord brought her in my life. She is an old widow from Africa, living with her son and her niece. She spends all her time in the scriptures, in prayer and in fasting, trusting the Lord for every single […]


She was called In May 2013 I started a new job in a Law firm as an IT Analyst. I had spent 11 months in a call center and the Lord had opened the door for a better job with a better salary and more than that! This new job was really challenging as I […]